The Solution


Whether it's lead generation or reputation restructuring, SERPIntelligence pulls online data from Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to identify targeted population segments and key industry influencers in order to increase market and industry influence across a wide variety of online ecosystems and populations groups.

We use our in-house technology to analyze and rank potential audiences, while drilling down to micro segments within a given industry in order to increase the conversion rate, influence, and valuable actions for all of our clients.

Industry Intelligence

Building Intelligence Our system organizes and ranks population segments, geo-locations, and specific profiles in order to increase conversions, maximize online influence, and generate qualified leads.

Crowd Influence

Changing the Paradigm Once we create a unified profile based on merged data from around the Web, we target actionable traffic sources, by influencing industry leaders and their broader audience. .

We're Different

“As our offline reality has begun to merge with the ever growing virtual ecosystem the potential for real intelligence backed outreach has shifted more and more to a reality."

As our lives have moved online, the accessibility to connect and influence relevant audiences has increased, but there is also a feeling of an endless sea of potential clients and customers. The challenge is not whether the right traffic and leads are out there, but rather if we are able to accurately cull them from our online experience.

Search and Social Data Drive Real Solutions

SERPIntelligence mines search and social data to not only build a qualitative list of leads and focused audiences, but organizes the most relevant industry leaders by applying our homegrown conversion ranking algorithm. By prioritizing our focus our clients can use their outreach wisely. Whether its lead generation, relevant traffic, or reputation restructuring influencing key segments and online users is the key for real ROI.

SERPIntelligence offers the following services:

  • Relevant Traffic
  • Qualified Leads
  • Micro-Profiling
  • Market Segmentation
  • Due Diligence
  • Reputation Restructuring

Case Study

Getting to the Press

A cutting edge app company hired us to boost downloads and real likes on Facebook
as well as connect them to industry journalists.


Meet The Team

We're not the Mossad, but we're pretty damn close...

The SERP Intelligence team is made up of thought leaders, industry experts, intelligence analysts, and a kick ass set of internal tools to provide in depth analysis, solution oriented data, and a unique approach to every client.

David Mark


A thought leader and industry expert in the search and social media fields, David has a rich knowledge of search patents, online reputation management, social media outreach and strategy. David is always pushing the envelope with ground breaking ideas and deep intuitive analysis.

Andrew Karp


With 15 years of hands on coding in PHP, HTML, CSS, JS, JQuery, Front-end and Server-side scripting, Andrew brings our tools into action, constantly tweaking and building to stay ahead of the curve.

Adrian Trieger

Client Relations

Adrian is the team’s first line of interface with the outside world. He deals with our client relations from the moment they step through the door. With his warm smile he has mastered the ability to take big ideas and translate them into everyday language.

Binyamin Shinberg

Chief Analyst

Binyamin’s analysis career has its stopovers at one of the biggest Israeli banks as well as successful biotech start-ups. This makes him one of the most analytical people at SERPIntelligence. His no nonsense approach has paved the way for a series of analysis breakthroughs. Binyamin also heads up our Israeli office and is the face of our client relations there.

Shelly Wolgel


Shelly is known as a no nonsense finance expert. He has years of experience helping startups grow. His dry humor and limitless energy makes him seem like the youngest part of the team.

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