Search Security


SERPIntelligence focuses on deep analysis of search results across a wide spectrum to understand what makes them tick. Our team monitors clients' Google results to ensure early prevention of negative entries and restructures those results that have already turned negative.

Social Infiltration

Building Your Social Influence SERPIntelligence not only finds you the prospects you need, but influences them in order increase signups, and introduce and educate them about your product or service.

Lead Generation

Getting You The Right People SERPIntelligence uses its own technology, FlockMiner, to pinpoint the right people to provide clients with new sales opportunities, team members, and granular industry intelligence.


The Search Security package includes:

  • Company keyword monitoring and prevention (including names of vital team members)
  • Cleaning up a negative set of Google results
  • Securing search results against further attack
  • Confidentiality
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The Social Infiltration package includes:

  • Focused market outreach
  • Demographic driven content ads
  • Organic reputation building
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The Lead Generation package includes:

  • Qualified Leads
  • Micro-Profiling
  • Background Intelligence on specific targets
  • Use of FlockMiner, our in-house technology
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Meet The Team

We're not the Mossad, but we're pretty damn close...

The SERPIntelligence team is made up of thought leaders, industry experts, intelligence analysts, and a kick ass set of internal tools to provide in depth analysis, solution oriented data, and a unique approach to every client.

David Mark


A thought leader and industry expert in the search and social media fields, David has a rich knowledge of search patents, online reputation management, social media outreach and strategy. He currently serves as the Founder and CEO of FlockMiner. Previously,he led search operations at Deep Dive Media and served as Director of Web Strategy at FiveBlocks.

Sheldon Wolgel


Sheldon has had deep experience in working with small to large startups. He previously worked at Syntezza Molecular, Kayote, Global Cellular, and Perio Products a subsidiary of Israel Chemicals as well as Van Leer Technology Center, Venture Capital Incubator.

Tsahi Goren


With 15 years’ experience Tsahi considered a world expert in IT security, strong authentication and cryptography. Tsahi managed the development of Elbit’s strategic “Positive Code”, custom-designed software to protect Israel’s civil airspace.

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